Join The Mended Story & Transform Lives Around Your Table

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    Provides Sustainable Livelihood & Economic Opportunity for Survivors.

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    Reduces Vulnerability to Violence & Exploitation.

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    Creates a Better, More Equitable World for All of Us, Restoring Communities For Generations to Come

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    As of 2020, reports indicate that modern-day slavery is one of the fastest growing criminal industries globally, with an estimated 40.3 million victims held captive around the world, including the United States and 162 other countries.

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    Victims of trafficking are 
    disproportionately women, though men are increasingly vulnerable to forms of trafficking such as forced labour in domestic, construction or agriculture work. 

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    The most effective way to both prevent the lure of trafficking & rehabilitate survivors is economic empowerment: helping survivors equip themselves with skills, resources & confidence to financially support themselves, their families & contribute to the well-being of their communities.

    This is GOOD news! 

What does this mean?...

It Means We Can All Play A Part In Helping Survivors Flourish.

Social Impact

At Mended, we give you a simple & beautiful way to create life-changing impact around the world from your table.

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    Sustainable & Above-Market Wages

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    Dignified & Safe Work to Support Survivors, their Families & Communities

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    Professional Growth through On-going Skills Training & Development

We collaborate closely with our artisans & a committed local team on the ground in South Asia to thoughtfully produce each collection in a way that empowers survivors and ensures above-market, equitable pay.

"Demand quality not just in the products you buy... but in the life of the person who made it."