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Mended Opens NEW Showroom at The Village Dallas

Some of the best business moves are those that are least expected. This may need to be Mended's new mantra. As you may know, this whole block printed linen business started in the fall of 2020 and until August of 2022, each linen was stored in our home's master bedroom and garage. In August, 2022, we found an empty dentist office that allowed us ample storage space and room to grow. I will forever be grateful for the dentist office as it truly embodied what was happening with Mended as we were figuring things out -- not super beautiful on the outside but lots of grit (bright orange walls!) and lots of room to grow. 

In late March of this year, we knew our time at the dentist office was coming to close (she was getting a remodel) and we were looking for a space that could hold 2-3 desks and we'd use a fulfillment center to store and ship orders. I just honestly thought that's all we needed.

The moment we saw the empty artisan loft at The Village Dallas campus, we instantly knew we didn't need just 2-3 desks. We needed a showroom. We needed THIS showroom. We landed on a place where customers, partners, stakeholders and wholesale buyers can feel and touch the textiles. We need them to see the wide variety of designs and products. We need them to see the survivor artisan photos on the walls. We need the entire Mended story to be seen in one place. After a few quick weeks of making the space ours, we are now fully ready and open for business. While we don't yet have traditional retail hours, our team is preparing to move into full retail mode by the summer. 

I NEVER intended to have a storefront or a showroom, but that just continues to prove that we are all better with people in our corner that nudge and encourage and challenge. I'm just along for the ride on this thing!

Come visit us at 5677 Village Glen Drive, Suite 12102, Dallas TX 75206. Typically here M-F 9am-3pm but ping us if you want to stop by any other time ( 

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